It’s hard to learn the lesson; this, I’ve learned.

You go through a heartbreak, you fail, you miss, you give up, and you always wind up spending endless hours thinking, reminiscing, tormenting yourself with all those “what if”s, just so that, in the end, you comfort yourself with the thought “Well, al least I’ve learned my lesson!”. But did you, did you really? Won’t you find yourself in a warm august night hoping, anticipating, lusting, imagining, dreaming… waiting… ?It’s a story as old as time. We’re somewhat masochistic creatures. We hurt, and we hurt bad, but we always seem to spiral back to that despair, maybe in an attempt to feel alive, to feel emotions, to… feel.

But there’s really little one can do. You can strive, fight and hope some more. And at the end of the day, one day, any day, you’ll wake up, glance deep into your soul and think to yourself: “it was all worth it”


Get happy!


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