So, since my wordpress is acting up lately and I haven’t been able to acces my account in about two weeks, I’m gonna take this opportunity to write some thoughts and exciting things that happened to me lately.

First of all, I’m in cloud nine right now, because two weeks from now I’m gonna be in FRANCE ! It’s been my life-long dream to go to France and I am so thankful that I’m gonna be able to do that. I’ve got a whole week of visiting and falling in love with the coffee and the cakes and the frenchmen, the class, the architecture and see the birthplace of my lovers, the macarons. And I couldn’t be more excited. I’m also going with my dearest and best friend, which is gonna be amazing! We’re staying at this youth hostel in Strasbourg, which is situated at the top floor of an actual castle! It’s also gonna be around the holidays and I am PRAYING for snow. On our way back we’ll also visit Vienna and Prague, so I’ll make sure to be back with tons of photos (taken with my brand new camera, which is another amazing thing my parents were kind enough to offer me) from all the Christmas Makets.

In other news, I am going to be back with an article soon enough, provided that my wordpress decides to get back to its old self and actually function for more than 10 minutes.

If anyone reading this has some tips and useful info about what I should visit while on my trip, please, do share.

Thanks to all!


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