Sing to yourself and hold on.

Her yellow dress was dancing in the wind, as she was carelessly walking down the street.

To her left, luxurious displays were unfolding. To her right, a steady stream of cars were making their way through the crowded streets. Neither of them cought her eye.

She knew where she was going. And she knew what she wanted. She longed for this. Ever since things got bad, she longed for a time when she would have a purpose again. She knew what she wanted to do all along. It was all in the back of her mind, just waiting for that perfect moment that would let all those feelings and hopes and dreams flow.

She left the turmoil of the city behind, as the beach was revealing itself in a caleidoscope of colors and scents. On the horizon, the firey sky was mingling with the dark blue water in a concert of contrasting tones.

There was wind.

She carelessly ran her fingers through her copper-colored hair, which in the light of the sunset looked as if it was bruning in a subtle flame. As she stepped on the sand, she left all of her doubts and fears on the pavement. That beach was now her home. It was her safe place. She sat down in front of the water. People were roaming around. Couples were intertwined. The laughing of the children merged into a soft hum.

And she just stood there. On that beach. In the big city. In THAT big city. Where he was.

At first, she went there for him. But in the process of finding him, she found herself. She freed herself.

With the memory of him in her mind and soul, she let go.

She finally let go.