A page dedicated to my beautiful town, where I will be posting pictures, videos, information, upcoming events, even some reviews from past ones, and a bunch of other things that will probably occur to me in time.

Get Happy!

Update no. 1

SAVE OUR SPOT by Kingpin is a contest in which various skates parks within Romania participated, with the hope that they will be the winners of a makeover of their favorite skate park. Luckily, Sibiu was the winner and as of a couple of days ago, the Kingpin crew, with the support of burn have been getting their hands dirty go give our skaters the park they deserve.

It’ll all fall into place on saturday, when our new and improved skatepark will be the host of a contest, featuring some big names in the skating “business”.

Now, as I have previously stated, I will be talking about all sorts of things on my blog, but a recurrent subject will most likely be the “shoutouts” I’m gonna give to the people who work on the constant change and improvement of our city, a true gem that, with enough patience and dedication can and will become one of Europe’s finest.

Now, for those of you who are locals I strongly suggest you attend the event, in an effort to show gratitude to those who took an interest not only in the skating community, but in Sibiu as a whole. Also, the organizers promise a lot of fun, a couple of surprises and, of course, skating bliss.

Lastly, a huge thanks to the burn guys, who are always on top of their game in order to bring RO the most amazing parties, and who are always stepping up to the plate in order to promote and sponsor some of the best events, concerts, festivals and contests here.


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